Why recycling can be an asset to your business.

There are many things you’ll need to consider when running a business, no matter what role you play in it or the size of your organization. It can include cash flow, attracting and retaining clients and customers, boosting employee happiness, and looking to future developments. However, one other item should also make it onto your list: recycling.

You may recycle any waste you have at home – including items such as paper, plastics, glass, metal cans, and cardboard – but do you carry out the same tasks as a business? If you don’t, then it might be time for you to make sure you and your colleagues start recycling, so your brand can help to minimize its environmental impact. Here are six reasons for you to consider.

You can reduce your waste costs

Recycling can help your business’s bottom line, as well as being the correct thing for you to undertake. Doing this means that there will be less going into your waste bins and containers because you’ll be recycling materials such as glass, paper, cans, and other items. You’ll likely be paying a waste management fee so, the less waste you produce, you could potentially save money here.

See if you can work with your waste management service to figure out if you could negotiate a lower fee. You can try creating a recycling program and record your results to demonstrate that you’re producing a lower amount of waste.

Save money on new items

If you’re looking to get new computers, for instance, then you may think you can dispose of the old ones and buy new equipment at the full rate. Yet some retailers will take your old computers and other devices for recycling – and offer you a discount on new items. So, you’ll not only save money but also help the environment.

You might also be able to make savings when recycling other items such as ink cartridges and batteries. Check with local retailers about what programs may be available to you.

You could even consider buying recycled equipment, such as the balers and compactors you can purchase from recyclingbalers.com. Select what specifications will suit your needs and see what equipment the best for your brand will be.

Recycling reduces landfill waste

Landfills smell and are eyesores. It’s not nice for those who live near these sites – and it will just keep growing and creating odours. People are no longer fine with putting trash in the ground: they want cans to be made into other cans, for instance, have electronics stripped for parts and food used for compost. We’re better off having a zero-waste world.

It benefits the environment

Recycling reduces pollution because your trash isn’t being burned, and materials can be reused by manufacturers – which is more energy-efficient than making new ones. Recycling also means we can reduce mining and logging, which destroys our wildlife’s habitats. Energy consumption for a soda company could reduce by 95% if they can produce aluminium cans from recycled materials or 70% for those who use plastic bottles.

You can become a thought leader

Your organization can set the standard for your industry by going green. Pepsi, for instance, has space on its website to record its sustainability journey; others need to do the same to stay competitive. So, brands can place themselves as sustainability leaders by publicizing their efforts.

Your company can put in place innovative practices and get ahead of your competitors. You can make your brand different from others and put yourself in the limelight by informing customers and followers on social media of what you do.

You’ll build your brand

There’s research that says many consumers will want to buy from businesses that share their own values. So, you will get customer loyalty if you show your concern for the environment, which may lead to boosting sales. State that your brand is going green on your social media channels and your website – and, when people see what you’re doing, your profits may increase.

Image credits: Residential Wastesystems

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