Trump immigration ban to apply H-1B visa holders.

President Donald Trump’s new rule for banning immigration to the USA will last 60 days with the prospect of renewal, and it’ll apply slowly to those waiting to get permanent immigration status in the US, Mr.Trump said in New York.

President said he would probably approve the new order this week. He added that more details about the new immigration rules and policies would be disclosed by this weekend.

He caused confusion last Monday when declaring in a press meet that he would be banning immigration due to the virus pandemic and to guard the native’s jobs. Mr. Trump did not provide any details at the moment.

Opponent party members claim the move on new immigration rule as an effort to use the corona pandemic to fulfill a long-run Trump vision of reducing foreign immigration.

An immigration official, speaking on the new rule, said the order can be include exemptions for people involved in responding to the coronavirus pandemic, as well as farm, poultry, fishing workers, and people serving to secure the American food supplies.

Donald Trump on last Tuesday announced that exemptions would be enclosed, however, he did not explain what they would entail.

The US President said that as the nation begins to open up its business, immigration growth was expected to extend, and also the Trump administration wanted to make sure that employers hire back the fired staff.

Other staff like those on so-called H-1B visas can be covered in a separate section, immigration officials previously said. Donald Trump said that alternative orders were into account, however, he was focusing on the initial plan now.

Trump added that he would reevaluate the market scenario in the next two months to determine whether the new visa rules ought to be extended.

Mr. Donald Trump won the US presidency in 2016 in part on a promise to build a wall on the American border with the neighboring country Mexico, and immigration problems rile up his political base.

“As Trump has said, ‘Decades of record immigration have generated lower salary scale and the higher unemployment rate for our citizens, particularly for African American workers and staff.’

At a time when our citizens are wanting to get back to work, action on immigration policies is necessary,” White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said in a press statement.

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