Start an online shop for global business.

As the world change, it reflects everywhere, it reflects in the business world as well. Online shopping websites are the most trending change in the business category. An e-commerce platform can reach global customers with an effective way of digital marketing. To start an online shop the first thing to know about how to create a sales-oriented website and it’s technical platforms such as domain name and hosting.

A strong web hosting platform makes up the foundation of your e-commerce sales platform, and in selecting a web hosting service provider, price is not the only factor to consider about, however, the e-commerce industry demands cheap web hosting is an untold fact yet. According to my personal experience in using different web hosting platforms and service providers, adding some important facts in opting for a high-quality web hosting platform.

As the market grows the marketing tools also will have change. An important part of doing any kind of sales-generating activity, today is definitely need an effective online marketing strategy, and for that, the initial step is that to create an online sales website and affordable web hosting space.

Nowadays you must have noticed people are generating sales leads through social media. No dought, it will help to increase business until a certain extent but the professional website will increase your brand image and the trust value.

Many affiliate marketing programs and various business ventures offer you “free web site hosting” that server space you can use without buying your own hosting space. However, most of them are allow only limited access, once the website starts generating traffic, you have to update to a paid hosting platform.

Once your website is ready to sell the products getting traffic to the site is very important. Digital marketing is an ideal solution to gain this goal.

While Google ads and other social media advertising such as Facebook and Instagram are definitely a valuable option, remember the ads run based on a specific target group and search keyword base. Web analytics will help continuous visitors tracking in order to produce a good return on investment.

Domain Registration

Once you decided to start selling your products online you need to have a domain name. It will be your online shop web address. It can get registred with any hosting providers such as A2hosting, Godaddy, Bluehost, etc…

After the domain registration, get a reliable server space to host the website design. You can find 100’s of web hosting providers online all of them have different packages according to your website design requirements. The Starter package is the basic, it will be limited options available. Next will be the Economy hosting, it gets the benefits of unmetered bandwidth and a sharing hosting platform will be provided to host your website data. Deluxe and Ultimate plans provide the option to host multiple websites and a dedicated server.

The selection of website hosting is one of the important facts in turning the online shop into a great successful business.

Facts to consider when buying a web hosting

If you decided to go about making an e-commerce website you have to get a web hosting space, that you can upload any amount of files. So let’s check out important facts before buying hosting space.

 Security and Reliability

 Advanced Features and Plugins

 Technical Support

 Best Price

There are many web hosting services that allow you to host your web content for free, however, most free hosting platforms put their ads on your website. If you are seriously going to build a professional online store you definitely need to buy advanced web hosting. 

I had been experienced with five different web hosting service providers for my multiple websites. the common issue has been found in most of them was, once the website starts to gain good traffic, they put down the web site. They just want us to put in pressure to upgrade our current plan into a higher version. Honestly, my fifth experience was with a2hosting, and thankfully no issues with them yet.

The next important thing to know is the website developing language. and PHP based websites are outdated, the new trend is WordPress. It is one of the best for a responsive website ( compact with mobile, tab and desktop)

Once we look at features, it is organically important to be implements scripts and plugins based on Woo-commerce. It helps to run shopping carts and payment gateways from your bank.

If you are planning to set up a large online shop or have a plan to send out large numbers of newsletters and emails, you must think about investing in a cloud hosting or a dedicated server.

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